Profi Liner Multi Steel

Profi Liner Multi Steel

Save time with form fit.

With Profi Liner Multi Steel KRONE offers a solution for form-closed and easy load securing of reinforcement mats, lattice girders and 2D/3D elements. Beneath the significant gain in safety and time compared to the usual tie-downs with a variety of lashing straps, the KRONE system offers a fast handling by vehicle inspections by the police or the local enforcement authorities. The Profi Liner Multi Steel is available according to your requirements as plateau or side board version.

The Profi Liner Multi Steel puts an end to complex and time-consuming tie-down. The friction between the load and the load platform is increased by tieing-down. The force which the lashing means press on the load must come till the bottom in order to increase the friction between load and load platform. And exactly this effect is by the tieing-down of flexible reinforcement mats only achieved with immense effort. Furthermore, there is a danger of damaging the 2D/3D elements through the tieing-down. Therefore, form fit is the better solution for these goods in transit. The variable post system made by KRONE guarantees this form-fitting and is suited for securing reinforcement mats according to the load securing regulation VDI 2700. Thanks to the post technique, it is possible to transport higher payloads and higher loads, compared to other solutions recommended in the loading regulations. Further advantages: Just a few actions are required for correct load securing, load securing according to the standards and regulations are much quicker than with conventional securing methods. Whereby, load securing is mostly possible from the ground. Dangerous “gymnastics“ on the mats is a thing of the past.

The advantages at a glance

  • Form-fitting securing.
  • Increased flexibility with various different loads.
  • Tested by TÜV Nord.
  • 50% time saving when load is secured.
  • Reduced time for vehicle checks by the police and local enforcement authorities.
  • Load securing certificate for reinforcement mats in accordance with VDI 2700.
  • Weight-optimised posts that can be inserted with integrated guide for lashing straps.


More options

In case a vehicle is used for indivisible cargo of more than 2,550 mm in size, a certificate of exemption (according to sec. 47 of FZV in Germany) is necessary that must be issued in the name of the vehicle owner. The TÜV CERTIFICATE require for this purpose is included. This certificate mentions data/sizes to be maintained by the truck (e.g. no. of axles: 2; width: 2,550 mm; fifth wheel load: 540 mm; centre distance: 3,600 mm; couple size “a”: 4,500 mm) that are to be observed for meeting the requirements of cornering characteristics according to sec. 32d of StVZO. In case of deviations or uncertainty, it is important to verify beforehand that the articulated vehicle in question in combination with the corresponding semitrailer meets the requirements of cornering characteristics. We are glad to help you here.

Technical data

Type: SDP 27 eLB3-BS
King pin load: 12,000 kg
Axle load: 27,000 kg (technically possible)
Allowable gross weight: 39,000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: ca. 6,370 kg
Payload: ca. 32,630 kg (technically possible)
5th wheel height: 1,040 - 1,250 mm
Axle spread: 1,310 mm
Neck height: 125 mm
Clear length: 13,620 mm
Clear width: 2,480 mm
Dimensions and weights for standard units Downloads

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