Fair Care Trailer Service

Trailer Service

Trailer Service that cares for your trailer’s running gear and comprises:

Six-monthly trailer inspection. Tyres, air suspension, brakes, axles including all fees for mandatory inspections.

Inspection date monitoring. We inform you about the maintenance intervals of your vehicle and forthcoming mandatory inspections.

Breakdown service. Immediate service in case of breakdown including all required spare parts.

Replacement of all worn parts. Parts are replaced at once, including labour. Superstructures (box, curtain, etc.), side planks, bulbs, recovery and towing.


Trailer Service maintenance package

  • Required inspections
  • Maintenance and wear and tear
    - Chassis
    - Brake pads/drum/cylinder
    - Electrical system and body
    - Air springs
    - Shock absorbers
    - Wheel hub and bearing
    - Brake caliper*
    - EBS valves and sensors*
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Compliance Management

* For contracts of more than 48 months