Krone Fair Care Tyre Service

Tyre Service

The Tyre Service from KRONE’s Fair Car Package guarantees optimum tyre quality at any time.

Tyre service. We constantly check your tyres and quickly replace when necessary. Old tyres are replaced with new ones at regular intervals. In case of breakdown, only affected tyres will be subject to charge.

Breakdown service in case of tyre damage. Immediate service in case of breakdown – even when Tyres are rejected following random inspections by the authorities.


Tyre Service maintenance package.

  • Premium tyre manufacturers
  • Tyre replacement
  • Regular tyre inspection
  • Regular pressure inspection
  • Roadside Assistance

Comprehensive tyre services including replacement of worn tyres and regular tyre inspections focusing on condition and air pressure. Well-managed tyres significantly reduce costs thanks to better fuel consumption, and lower the risk of blown tyres and flats.