Krone Telematics


More flexible supply chain structures and a simpler workflow.

KRONE Telematics uses a universal tele-matics platform, meaning it’s compatible with all manufacturers. Correspondingly, a variety of telematics systems are easy to manage using a portal solution. Various isolated solutions are combined and offered to customers as an all-in-one solution. Regardless of vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer or integrated telematics box, users have their own user-specific access to all the data provided.

  • Easy analysis for vehicle fleets with different manufacturers.
  • Easy analysis of different telematics systems in a fleet.
  • Provision of all telematics data for further analysis.
  • Effective use of all telematics data with major analysis potential.

Krone Telematics is compatible with FleetBoard and Trimble. Up until now you needed two systems to query the data from the tractor unit and the trailer. Now, thanks to the newly created interface, the dispatcher receives all the important information about the complete vehicle at one glance. This not only makes the day-to-day work of the dispatcher easier, it also saves time and money.