Warranty Extension

Best possible reliability in planning and minimum vehicle breakdowns - Krone has taken up this demand from transport companies and offers an attractive warranty extension for new vehicles. As a matter of principle, Krone offers a twelve-month warranty on every new vehicle delivered. If you wish to extend this guarantee, you can decide this at the time of purchase or up to three months after receiving your vehicle and add a guarantee extension.

Krone offers individual packages that include a warranty for up to four additional years. The KRONE warranty extension is available in two options per vehicle group: With the flat-option, you can choose between 36 or 48 months and thus extend your warranty for the desired duration. With the flexi-option you have the possibility to tailor the warranty extension to your requirements. The term of the warranty extension is 12 months and you have the possibility to cancel annually.

What is the idea of KRONE's warranty extension?

KRONE takes the load off.

Our confidence in the quality of our vehicles enables us to offer these cost-effective warranty extension packages.

The handling and invoicing of the warranty extension is completely done by KRONE. As a customer you receive our warranty promise and can focus on your core business with the manufacturer's warranty of up to four years.