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In logistics, flexibility is the decisive market advantage. This also applies to liquidity. That is why we offer you customised financing models, such as leasing, hire purchase or investment credit. You can easily increase your financial leeway when you need it.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Competent and comprehensive financing consultation
  • Individual instalment payment
  • Quick processing
  • Contact with extensive financial, property and industry expertise
  • Customised products and financing from a single source

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* All financing offers require a positive credit check.


The answer depends on the contract type.

Leasing: Monthly payment through the instalment to the leasing company. The amount is calculated on the net instalment.

Hire purchase: Payment before or upon collection of the objects to KRONE. The amount is calculated on the accumulated hire purchase instalments and is also available on the first page of the hire purchase agreement.

Loans: Payment before or upon collection of the objects to KRONE.

Leasing and hire purchase: The first instalment is due in the month when the property is accepted. The subsequent instalments are always due at the beginning of the month.

Loans: The first instalment is usually due 30 days after the credit amount has been disbursed.

Simply submit your VAT invoice as usual. You will receive it from the financing company after taking over the object and sending the acceptance confirmation.

Vehicle and financing from a single source. You save time and still benefit from comprehensive expertise, good professional consultation and favourable conditions.

Financing: People who finance opt for ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle is yours at the end of the contract term. The down payment, contract term, monthly instalment and any final instalment can be agreed on an individual basis.

Leasing: Customers who lease only pay for using the vehicle during the term. At the end of the contract term, you can easily switch to a new vehicle.

Credit checks are standard bank practice and also part of the standard query. With its credit assessment, KRONE FINANCE also fulfils its duty of care to protect customers from excessive debt.

No, because KRONE FINANCE offers favourable conditions on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can return the vehicle to KRONE at the end of the contract term through the leasing or final instalment financing offer. Your preferred bank does not offer this option. It is also important that the credit line with your preferred bank is not burdened and therefore remains available for short-term and unforeseen requirements.

Yes. Unfortunately, a vehicle loses a significant amount of value, especially in the first few months. If your new vehicle is totalled or stolen, there is a gap (GAP), as the comprehensive insurance only covers the replacement value. The rapid loss of value, however, is not compensated for by the leasing instalments paid. You have to cover the difference. The GAP insurance covers this difference.


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