Krone 3D Telematics

KRONE 3D Telematics

Krone 3D Telematics

Any time and anywhere

KRONE's award-winning 3D telematics is the next evolutionary step in trailer telematics. Starting with the first dimension, KRONE offers high precision through its advanced telematics hardware and telematics portal. This allows customers to see exactly where their vehicles are. KRONE, a trailer manufacturer with years of expertise, offers a virtual twin of the trailer with all relevant data to support customers in their daily operations.

The second dimension of telematics includes the connection of all relevant sensors, including door locks, temperature sensors, EBS, TPMS and communication for the cooling unit. This allows transport managers to respond quickly and gives fleet managers access to the information they need to plan maintenance and repair work.

The most revolutionary aspect of Krone's telematics solution is its third dimension, Smart Capacity Management. KRONE uses cameras to provide transparency into the trailer's black box and employs artificial intelligence to visualise available capacities. This is a groundbreaking development in telematics, which provides customers with insight into their trailer and allows them to optimise its use.

1D functions

Position monitoring

This puts your dispatching system in the pole position. The telematics "Position" function allows you to retrieve information about the location of the transport units via GPS. As a result, you can specify efficient dispatching procedures ahead of time.

2D functions

Door monitoring

We turn the trailer into a high-security zone. Special door sensors monitor doors and gates. Any type of manipulation can be ruled out and monitoring of goods is flawlessly archived.

Temperature monitoring

A clear overview of all data. Temperature reports, default alarms and refrigeration data are continuously monitored, transmitted and documented for 18 months. This allows you to know with certainty that you can comply with all requirements: those set out in EU directives, those of your customers and, above all, your own.

Coupling status

You are always informed about the current coupling status using "couple status". You can track which vehicles in your fleet are currently attached to a tractor unit. This status notification also provides information on whether the connections between the trailer and tractor unit are correctly fastened.

Integrated temperature recorder in accordance DIN EN 12830

Integrated temperature recorder in accordance DIN EN 12830

Discover the future of temperature management with KRONE Telematics. Our certified temperature sensors eliminate the need for installing a separate temperature recorder on your refrigerated vehicle. Your temperature data can be compiled in customisable time windows and monitored in real time. You can use the certified temperature profiles to ensure that the quality of your products is ensured at all times during transport. And the best part: You are quickly and conveniently provided with the documentation of your temperature curves in the form of a clear report, which you can make directly available to your customer.

Note: Suitable for Pharmaserve

Remote control

The live data transfer has revolutionised the comprehensive monitoring of refrigeration systems. This is real progress for quality assurance. It gives you full control over the cold chain. 2-way communication - control and take action.

Tank display

KRONE provides the option of a fuel indicator for each KRONE refrigerated vehicle or body. This additional option includes a display for the refrigerated device fuelling status on the front wall of the trailer. Moreover, the current tank statuses of your trailer are conveniently transmitted to the KRONE Telematics Portal, so that you are always informed about the current tank status of your trailers.

Door Protect

Secure your transports of high-value goods even better by using KRONE Telematics Door Protect. Our telematics-controlled door locking system reliably protects your freight when transporting cigarettes, pharmaceutical products, electronic items and much more. The high-security door locking system locks the rear doors, ensuring that no unauthorised person can open them. We use telematics to constantly monitor all technical components so that you have full control over your freight all the time. If events occur during transport, you are notified by instant alarms and messages are sent to the dispatcher or a supervising service provider. The driver and dispatcher or a monitoring service provider must work together in order to open the door locking system. The driver can only unlock the door locking system and open the rear doors by entering the driver code when the system is deactivated via the KRONE Telematics Portal. This is how we provide you with complete protection, even for transports with a high potential for theft.

Note: Suitable for TAPA

3D functions

Smart Capacity Management

Smart Capacity View [SCV]

Krone installs a camera inside the trailer to provide its customers with a real-time view inside the trailer. This allows you to view your freight, loading status, people in the cargo area and other logistically relevant factors at any time as well as store them for a period of three days. The chosen installation location in the upper rear part of the trailer offers customers the ideal viewing angle inside their vehicles.

Smart Capacity AI [SCAI] (Artificial Intelligence)

Smart Capacity AI is an extension of SCV. The camera image is converted into digital information by using artificial intelligence. In addition, you can also identify available capacities so that they are displayed as usable loading space. The artificial intelligence employed also detects irregularities, such as overturned freight, people on the cargo area and attempted break-ins. Alarms can be set up to actively notify the Smart Capacity AI user.