KRONE Smart Assistant

Simple and efficient transport and trailer communication

The KRONE Smart Assistant is a groundbreaking solution for transport companies to make trailer-related processes more efficient and transparent. As a decision-maker in the transport industry, you want to manage your fleet optimally, work safely and efficiently with your subcontractors, reduce costs and at the same time increase the operational readiness of your vehicles. The KRONE Smart Assistant offers you exactly the right solution to achieve these goals.

For whom was the Smart Assistant developed?

At KRONE, we know that drivers want solutions that are simple and work right away. The KRONE Smart Assistant enables your truck drivers to easily, safely, and efficiently perform important trailerrelated tasks using a familiar messaging service such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber. The innovative system utilizes vehicle-specific QR codes attached to the trailers to capture the condition of the vehicles and transmit information about them. With just a few steps, your drivers can document the condition of the trailer, including damages, defects, missing accessories, or other relevant information. The reports for the vehicle owner are provided in an intuitive customer portal.

How does the Smart Assistant work?

The process is extremely simple: your drivers scan the QR code on the trailer using a regular smartphone. This opens a messenger chat where they can answer questions about the trailer's condition. They can respond with "Yes/ No" by simply tapping their fingers, make text entries, or take photos to document the trailer's condition. Once the information has been confirmed, the data is securely transmitted to the KRONE Smart Assistant customer portal.

Why should you use the Smart Assistant?

Efficient Communication and Transparency: Seamless communication between drivers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and other relevant individuals. You receive real-time information about the condition of your vehicles, allowing you to respond quickly and proactively address issues.

Cost Reduction and Time Saving: By capturing the trailer's condition quickly and easily, you can reduce costs associated with repairs, downtime, and damage claims. Automation and digitalization of processes save time and enable more efficient fleet management.

Flexibility and Compatibility: The KRONE Smart Assistant works with all trailers and vehicles in the commercial vehicle industry, regardless of the brand and model. You can easily integrate the solution into your existing fleet without the need for additional hardware or training.

Data Privacy and Security: The Smart Assistant ensures compliance with data protection regulations when handling the collected data. Messenger services like WhatsApp already provide proven security mechanisms such as end-to-end encryption, ensuring secure communication.

Future-proof and Continuous Development (Continuation): The KRONE Smart Assistant is a future-ready solution that is continuously being developed. In addition to the current functionality that enables trailer handover via messenger, the Smart Assistant has great potential for future expansions and integrations. Possibilities include a user portal, automated alert systems, damage categorization, integration of data into other systems like the KRONE Telematics Portal, and much more. Regular updates and adjustments to meet new requirements and technological advancements ensure that you always benefit from the latest features and capabilities.


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