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The KRONE Telematics portal provides a clear view of the vehicle data so that you, as the dispatcher, always have an overview. In addition to the vehicle location, you can display various data from the EBS system and the TPMS sensor system. You can also manage alarms and set up geo zones yourself. For example, you will be notified immediately when your vehicle reaches the pre-defined destination. Various reporting functions are also available in the KRONE Telematics portal. They are, of course, not only available online, but can also be exported to your preferred file format.

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Data Interface API

The external default push service is the service for sharing box data with external providers/customers who do not have a Krone portal. For this purpose, the owner of the vehicles (box data) can create a provider with a URI in the DataCentre to which the data is to be sent. A sharing can then be created for this provider, where it is possible to select which of the vehicles belonging to the portal should be shared with the specified provider.

In order for the sharing of this data to run smoothly, the specified URI must point to the API endpoint at which the external provider/customer wishes to receive the data packets.

The data we send is available as JSON. The exact structure can be found in the following Swagger documentation (RequestBody).

If errors occur during data transmission, it is important that the error response sent to us contains a JSON in the body, which is structured according to the documented format (ErrorResponseBody). This is the only way to ensure that no data packets are discarded and that they are resent after a time limit has expired.

The schema of the user data is documented as RequestData and, in addition to the external customer ID, contains the entire data record of the box/vehicle that was released via a sharing.

The complexity and structure of the JSON of the user data depends on the data that a box sends and can therefore vary. The documentation therefore only contains an exemplary structure. The recipient is responsible for processing the actual data and therefore also for analysing the specific data packets. We always prepare the data records in advance so that there are no empty fields and the structure is sorted.

Always up to date, even when you're on the road

The life of a dispatcher does not only play out at the desk. The KRONE Telematics app is therefore available for mobile devices. It can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The most important vehicle information can be accessed here at any time. This ensures that no problem goes undetected, even at the weekend.

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