Mission Record Run

Sustainability and Emotionality are not mutually exclusive

The KRONE eTrailer made its "Record-Run" appearance at various races of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2023. On different race tracks, the revolutionary eTrailer demonstrated that sustainability is not only a current imperative but can also be highly emotional.

Abdullah Jaber personally took the helm as the pilot. The CEO of KRONE's partner company, Trailer Dynamics, looked forward to the direct interaction with drivers at the Fan Villages: "After the 'Record-Run,' we were there for all drivers, hauliers, and visitors who wanted to delve deeper into this exciting subject. They could experience our eTrailer up close and learn more about the fascinating innovations at the same time."

In early 2023, KRONE and the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA) announced a new partnership to jointly advance sustainable solutions in the transport industry and motorsport while honoring the crucial role of truck drivers. Recently, ETRC received noteworthy recognition in the sustainability ranking of motorsports, ranking 16th out of 105 globally recognized 2- and 4-wheel motorsport championships. Simon Richenhagen, Head of Marketing at KRONE Trailer, anticipated an exciting racing season: "As part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to highlight through the 'Record-Run' of the eTrailer that our eTrailer sets a high standard for sustainability and, furthermore, evokes emotions. Our appearance this year in collaboration with ETRA will demonstrate this."