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The development of the Krone company.

An exemplary quality product at a fair price, extraordinary innovation, a service provider mentality and proximity to our customers – these points show the success story of the KRONE family-run company.

How it all began: In 1906, the master smith Bernhard Krone and his wife Anna inherited a small farm and a guest house in Spelle, located in Emsland, Germany. They left their home in Ochtrup, where Bernhard Krone had been a self-employed smith since 1897, and moved to Spelle. While Anna Krone looked after the small farm and guest house, Bernhard Krone built a village smithy in Spelle. Word of his craftsmanship spread quickly, and soon he had not only the farmers from Spelle as his customers, but also customers from the neighbouring towns and villages.

The second generation also showed great skill and a large portion of innovation and quickly presented their own designs. Meanwhile, the order book was so good that it exceeded the capacities of the plant in Spelle.

Therefore, they bought a plot of land in Werlte in 1963 where a branch factory was built. KRONE initially started producing agricultural trailers, platform trucks and tipper trailers at this location. Due to a decline in the growth of sales for agricultural trailers, in 1970 it was decided to switch production in the Werlte plant to trailers and semitrailers for road freight transport. The required production competencies and purchasing know-how for trailers was already there and the market for vehicles and transport containers for road transport boomed. This formed the second pillar of the company – commercial vehicle manufacture.

Meanwhile, the fourth generation has taken over running the company but the Krone values are still firmly in place: The customer, the employees, the company. In that order.

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