Krone Box Liner eLTU5_2

Box Liner eLTU70

The universal chassis with pneumatic rear extension.

The Box Liner SDC 27 eLTU5-2 can transport containers in sizes 1 x 40‘ (with tunnel), 1 x 45‘ with tunnel, 2 x 20‘, 1 x 20‘ centrally (up to 30 tonnes) and optionally 1 x 30‘ rear-flush container. An option is available for 40’/45’ containers without tunnel.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to use rear extension.
  • Extremely sturdy and robust.
  • Tear plate platform between the main frame.
  • Tail lights are protected in the chassis.
  • Fold-out underrun protection.

More options

Technical data

Type: SDC 27 eLTU5_2
King pin load: 14,000 kg
Axle load: 27,000 kg (technically possible)
Allowable gross weight: 41,000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: 5,300 kg
Payload: approx 35,700 kg (technically possible)
Axle spread: 1,410 / 1,310 mm
Neck height: 130 mm
5th wheel height: 1,120 mm (unloaded)
Distance kingpin - rear end: 11,800 mm
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